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William H. Barchilon, CPA, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst&#reg;William H. Barchilon, CPA, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™

I am a Certified Public Accountant with more than 25 years of experience in tax preparation and solving tax issues. I also hold an Arizona Real Estate Broker's license, and I help clients purchase/sell real property with an eye towards maximizing the tax savings from such investments. As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, I assist clients who are facing a marital breakup resolve the financial and tax aspects inherent in a dissolution of the marital community. Should you have interest in my Real Estate and/or Divorce expertise, please look at the pages devoted to these topics (which have links that may be of interest).


I have a unique view and treatment of my clients and tax preparation services. I am not your typical CPA, most of which I view as having no personality, being bland in both their advice and their attitude towards clients. My background is not that of a typical CPA either. I do not have a degree in accounting, but rather have Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Economics from Arizona State University. After several years of teaching Economics and Money and Banking classes at ASU, I moved on to a career outside academia, working as an Economist and Interest Rate/Hedging Strategist on Wall Street for several years before moving onto a position of the Chief Financial Officer of a Boston-based real estate development firm. This position required a detailed knowledge of both real estate and taxation, especially after the last major change in our income tax system in 1986. I began my private practice in Arizona in 1988, specializing in tax issues and have been providing high quality services to my clients since that time.

Pledge To You

In addition to complete and accurate tax preparation services, I will explain to you all tax laws as they apply to your situation so that you understand them. I do not just complete the necessary forms and then give them to you and tell you "Hey, them's the numbers" (or have a receptionist give them to you with a bill). I am available at all times during the year to answer your telephonic tax questions and for the vast majority of my clients that advice is free (only if your questions involve heavy research or special work will you get a bill). I will also give you advice on how to save taxes in the future as well as aid you in your future financial planning (although specific investment advice is not available as my licenses do not permit providing such advice).